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I understand how it feels to be frustrated by the fitness and nutrition myths, confusion, and misinformation presented online, by your doctor, and by well-meaning friends and family members. I can also relate to the feeling of being on a never-ending roller coaster when it comes to fitness and nutrition.

Over the years, we women have followed every diet guru's advice, spent hours on the treadmill, and restricted calories to obscene levels. We've seen some success, but feel depleted, overwhelmed, and out of control. Most of us have been burning the candle at both ends and want a plan that translates into a simple lifestyle, not an intense, stressful quick fix. Like you, I am discouraged by the lack of clear guidance and support.

Then one Sunday night I saw someone posting about the FASTer Way and I jumped into a round that was starting the very next day!  That was it for me, that was the moment that became the turning point for owning my heath, nutrition, fitness and finally stepping onto the right path for me. I fell in love with not just the results from my six week round but I finally knew I had found a lifestyle I could sustain and a community that would support all along the way!

The FASTer Way To Fat Loss® is the the premier virtual, intermittent fasting, fitness and nutrition program centered on the whole-health and well-being of clients.

We are known for an exceptional member experience, with the highest quality programming using cutting edge strategies aimed at helping our clients become well, prevent disease, and fulfill their purpose.

In My Bootcamps You’ll Get:

  • Cutting edge nutritional strategies you can implement In YOUR lifestyle without deprivation.

  • Effective 30-45 minute workouts that can be done at home or gym.

  • Daily accountability and coaching in a small group setting

  • Macronutrient guidance to ensure you are fueling your body to meet your goals

  • Weekly meal plans with grocery lists.

  • Tips and guidance to manage vacations, holidays, and whatever life throws at you!

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